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Güncelleme tarihi: 27 Haz 2022

Within the scope of the Marketing & Sustainability course, our students organized final project with the theme of 'Sustainability' in the Second Life 3D virtual world. Within the scope of the project, a cooperation was carried out with the Whole Brain Health organization from U.S.A. The projects were carried out on the three pillars of sustainability: economy, environment and society. Our students, who were divided into 3 groups, made presentations on the themes of sustainability in with the participation of users from different parts of the world in the virtual world.

The final event started with the presentation of the environment group. Our students made a presentation about the effects of developing technology on the environment and the effects of developments in energy and transportation on the environment. Another group made a presentation with the theme of society and made a presentation emphasizing that a healthy society is possible with healthy individuals. In addition, our students introduced Turkish culture to people from different parts of the world with a presentation about Turkish culture. Afterwards, the economy group made a presentation with the theme of sustainable economy. In this presentation, our students organized a sustainability-themed competition and awarded the winner. They also talked about the economic aspect of sustainability in their presentations.

The presentations made were highly appreciated by the participants. Participants stated that the project was very useful and the theme was very important. In addition, future joint projects with the participation of educators from different parts of the world who teach in virtual worlds were discussed.

Environment Group

Society Group

Economy Group

After the presentations were completed, a graduation ceremony was held in the virtual world for our students. Our students wore gown and caps on their avatars and held a cap throwing ceremony in the virtual world. In addition, a graduation ceremony was held for our students with a live concert and DJ performance in the virtual world. Our students celebrated their graduation by dancing through their avatars in the virtual world.

Graduation Concerts

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Photo


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