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Güncelleme tarihi: 8 Tem 2021

A final event was organized by our undergraduate students as part of the Virtual Worlds course. At the event, a cooperation was made with Live and Learn in Kenya organization, and donations were collected for children living in Kenya.

The event organized by our students started at 11 a.m. (SLT). It started with the DennyMac concert. After the one-hour concert, our students organized a fashion show and transferred the revenues of the clothes sold to the donation box in the event area. Then, as another event, the Twostep Spiritweaver and FLY concerts were held. The activities lasted 4 hours totally.

DennyMac Concert

Fashion Show

TwoStep Spiritweaver Concert

FLY Concert

SL users from different parts of the world participated in the events. As a result of the highly active and entertaining event, a total of 82,000 Linden dollars was raised for the Live and Learn in Kenya organization. Some of these donations were collected for food and some to buy books for kids. As a result of the events, 680 meals and 25 books were donated.

It was an event that showed that Virtual Worlds can touch real lives. Virtual Worlds, which offers the opportunity to organize an event where people from different parts of the world can participate with their avatars and donate and touch the lives of real-life children, continues to offer us a different experience.

We congratulate our students for their successful activities. We thank the musicians for their contribution to the events. As Çağ University, we will continue to develop our collaborations through Virtual Worlds.



And here are the photos of the children being helped in Kenya.


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