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We participated the Student Challenge competition for the second time this semester, organized by Virtual Worlds Education Consortium, with three groups (Blue, Green, Red). Additionally, Ovcel and Merino, who took our course in previous semesters, also participated in the competition individually. This semester, unlike previous semesters, our undergraduate students and PhD students also worked together. All our students who participated in the competition won awards. The award ceremony was held on Saturday, April 27 at 9 a.m. (SLT). It was held in Student Challenge Area. Valibrarian, Marie and Elli made the opening speeches of the award ceremony.

After the opening speeches, the award winners were announced. First, Green Team received the Most Authentic award with the area they build. They built an area with the theme of 'Reduced Inequalities', one of the Sustainable Development goals.

The next award was given to Red Team with the title of 'Best Presentation'. The red team built an area with the theme of 'Quality Education', one of the sustainable development goals. Red team won the best presentation award with their presentation.

The blue team created an area with the theme of 'Sustainable Cities and Communities', which is another sustainable development goal. Thanks to this area, the Blue team won the third place prize.

Ovcel and Merino who took this course last semester, participated the competition individually. Merino won the second place prize and Ovcel won the first place prize. Merino built an area with the theme of 'Good Health and Well-Being', one of the sustainable development goals, and won the second place prize. Ovcel won the first place prize by designing an area with informative content about sustainable development goals.

We congratulate our students and wish them continued success.


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