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Within the scope of the Virtual Worlds course given as an elective course at Çağ University, a project was carried out this term together with the organizations 'Live and Learn in Kenya' and ''. Income from horse sales through the auction held within the scope of the project and donations collected as a result of the concert were transferred to these organizations.

Within the scope of the project, our students were first divided into four different groups. Different themes were determined for each group and horse sales were carried out in these themes. In addition, each group prepared a platform with informative content about their themes. Within the scope of the project, the themes of back to school, hunger awareness, cancer awareness, and leucemia awareness were covered. Within the scope of these themes, each group transferred the revenues obtained by auctioning the horses raised in SL to LLK and CharitySL organizations.

A concert event was also held after the horse sale by auction. The donations collected during the concert were transferred to the LLK organization to donate food to Kenyan children.

With this course, our students had the opportunity to get to know virtual worlds and organize aid organizations by using the advantages of virtual worlds. Otherwise, they gained various technical skills within the scope of project preparations. They also gained experience in the management of an international project by collaborating with organizations from different countries (Germany and the Netherlands).

Our students, who had the opportunity to get to know the concept of metaverse, which is becoming more and more popular every day, with this course, also gained various technological skills required today. Such projects are planned to be developed and continued.


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