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FIRST CLASS – MAN 440 Marketing & Sustainability Course

First week of the MAN 440 – Marketing & Sustainability course was held both face-to-face and in world. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Gülmez, Res. Asst. Gizem Koçak and Res. Assist. Ersin İnal attended the course.

The course coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Gülmez mentioned the meaning of sustainability and definitions of the concept, relationship between sustainability & marketing, using a unique 3D digital platform to understand and experience sustainability applications by organizations. After, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Gülmez explained the definition of virtual worlds, their field of use and goals, and their importance in today's digital world on the first week of the course. Additionally, the Second Life application, a very popular virtual world platform, was introduced. Then, creating avatars in the Second Life platform, which will be used within the scope of the course, was explained to the students and they were allowed to create their own avatars. Second Life's basic menus, its usage, various settings, and adding friends were explained to our students who entered the platform via computers in the laboratory. Our students, who entered SL by creating their avatars, teleported to our virtual campus and toured our campus.

Res. Assist. Gizem KOÇAK


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