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Güncelleme tarihi: 27 Haz 2022

Within the scope of the Virtual Worlds course, which is given as an elective course at our university, we broke new ground in our international projects this term. Çağ University, Technology University of Dublin (TUD) in Ireland, and Whole Brain Health (WBH), operating as a non-profit in the USA, carried out a joint project. Çağ University and TUD organized a joint course.

The main theme of the project, which was realized in cooperation with two universities and a non-profit organization, was 'Sustainability'. Within the scope of the project, six different groups were formed, in which Çağ University and TUD students came together. Both groups realized their projects by preparing presentations and various platforms about the three different pillars of sustainability, the environment, society and economy. Second life (SL) users from different regions of the world participated in the event. In the presentations, the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) were emphasized.

Groups that made presentations on the theme of environment made a presentation that drew attention to issues such as climate change, renewable energy, carbon emissions, and sustainable agriculture.

The groups that made presentations on the society pillar of sustainability made a presentation to draw attention to gender equality, equality in education, poverty, and hunger. In addition, a group that made a presentation with the theme of society also discussed the importance of the Second Life platform in our lives and its usage areas.

Finally, the groups that made presentations on the economic aspect of sustainability explained the importance of sustainability in terms of economy and businesses and the relationship of sustainable economy with sustainable society and sustainable environment themes. In addition, a presentation about the economy of the virtual world called Second Life was made.

During the presentation, students also improved their technical skills by using different tools (presomatic, speakeasy, etc.) together and building various areas in SL.

Our students, who had the opportunity to get to know the concept of metaverse, which is becoming more and more popular every day, through SL, also gained international project experience.

You can watch the video of the final project by clicking the link below.

It is planned to develop and continue such international projects by using the advantages of virtual worlds.


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