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In this week of our Metaverse module given to the Digital Marketing Master Program of Santiago De Compostela University in Spain, students presented their digital marketing plans in the metaverse in 6 separate groups. We came together at the 'International Student Center' on Inspiration Island for the presentation. Here, the groups presented their presentations with presomatic, which included digital marketing plans in the metaverse for the brands they had prepared before.

Presentations started with the red group. The group began their presentation by giving a brief description of the metaverse. The red group made a presentation about the application of the digital marketing plan they prepared for the 'moxin' brand in the metaverse. They talked about the positive effects of the marketing made here, such as unlimited stock for the company and customers, no waiting for delivery, and reducing logistics and personnel costs. They gave examples of metaverse adaptations of a real-life clothing company's products. They emphasized that the metaverse provides significant advantages for companies in reaching potential customers. They stated that customers can get to know the products here and buy them in real life, so that companies can reach a wider customer base.

After the Red group finished their presentation, the Blue group started their presentation with the title 'How to introduce the metaverse in the Yo Nemalinica association'. The group stated that in order to raise awareness about the disease, a virtual library with books on this subject could be established, and thus awareness could be raised by a wider audience. Talking about this advantage of Metaverse, Magua to the group said that there are many non-profit organizations on this platform. He stated that this organization can also log into Second Life and fund raising from there.

The 3rd group, the green group, chose the brand MVA (mi vestidor azul - my blue dressing room). They did the digital marketing of the brand within the metaverse. They started with a brief introduction of the brand. SinaBretema stated that they learned how to customize their avatars in previous lessons. They emphasized that as the Metaverse technology develops, the importance of avatar personalization will increase and the avatar clothing industry will develop, and that doing business here can provide a significant advantage for brands.

Afterwards, we took a 5-minute break for the other groups to prepare their presentations and place them in the field. Meanwhile, the yellow, purple and gray groups placed their presomatics in the presentation area.

The purple group started their presentation by introducing the group members. They introduced the Tae Par Gym company operating in Second Life. They mentioned that the company provides the opportunity to do sports in Second Life through avatars.

The yellow group, on the other hand, introduced a wooden furniture brand called 'Savia' operating in SDC. Villadacrus, one of the group members, stated that this platform can be used for product promotions and the brand can promote its products here. They stressed that this kind of promotion could attract a lot of attention. In this way, they stated that customers can have information about the product and make purchasing decisions based on this, without having to come to the stores operating in real life.

Finally, they introduced the gray group 'Nordesia' brand. They described Nordesia's marketing activities within the metaverse. Then they talked about the potential advantages of marketing in the metaverse for companies. They pointed out that Metaverse could be an interesting marketing tool by offering a three-dimensional brand experience.

After the groups described their presentations, Magua, Sitearm and VaI commented on the presentations. Afterwards, VaI and Sitearm posed various questions to the students. The questions asked and the answers given to the students were as follows:

Valibrarian Gregg: yes! Question: did you feel learning these tools is helpful to your future goals?

Sitearm (sitearm.madonna): QUESTION: How would you describe this class to a friend?

alvaromayo99: it was a good experience and we all discover how metaverse can be useful for real proyects

SinaBretema: it was interesting to have a look into this world and all the aspects that we have to consider if we would like to use it professionally

paularivas99: different and more interactive

celuu18: it was interesting to know how this virtual world works, and the sessions helped us understand it a bit better

MariaRouco: we can learning how to introduce the metaverse in a real business

Valibrarian Gregg: @SinaBretema Do you feel what you learned will transfer to other metaverse platforms?

SergioCea: It was interesting to hear our classmates talk about the metaverse

AlbertoRoel: a different way of teaching

Valibrarian Gregg: How could you use what you learned beyond Second Life?

SinaBretema: For me it was sometimes hard to pay attention because of the length of each class and the time of the day (but i know it is hard to change)

VitoriaTeixeiraTorres: About the future question: I know that the metaverse is already a reality, but like any transition it takes time. So, I think that, right now, I dont know how can be helpfull.

VitoriaTeixeiraTorres: to me

SinaBretema: Yes, I know it is difficult to adjust :)

After these speeches session was ended.


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