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Valibrarian Gregg (VaI) was a guest of our lecture. Students, WBH team, Sitearm, lecturers of the course, and course assistants met in the library she created within the virtual world platform Second Life. While Valibrarian Gregg was presenting, Sitearm recorded the presentation. VaI first introduced herself and gave information about the library she created in the virtual world. She then asked the students to tour the area.

VaI then introduced the concept of metalliteracy and made a presentation on the subject. In fact, VaI stated that we all already live in digital universes and also explained the concept of digital citizenship. She also made an interactive presentation by asking students about the digital applications they use.

In the continuation of her presentation, VaI talked about the concept of metamodernism and explained the scope of the concept. She emphasized that the digital world is becoming more and more widespread today and that we are more and more involved in this universe with each passing day. She also mentioned that while using these applications, we are also the producers of these platforms by producing content for these applications, that is, we are all 'prosumer' in this universe.

Then, drawing attention to the dark side of digital culture, VaI also talked about the disadvantages of virtual environments and the things to be considered while using them. She explained the difficulty of using digital applications and the difficulty of accessing the right information here. She emphasized that every information encountered in social media should not be believed and that the accuracy of the information should be thoroughly investigated. In addition, she said that it should not be forgotten that the information shared on such platforms may reflect the opinions of individuals and may be subjective information.

VaI also stated that privacy is an important issue in digital environments. She emphasized that the platforms we use ask us to allow access to some of our personal information, and that special attention should be paid while giving these permissions. Here, she defined the concept of cybersecurity and talked about its importance in the digital world.

Afterwards, various questions were directed to the students and they were chatted about the answers and the session was ended.


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