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Our students made their final presentations within the scope of our Metaverse-International Student Project in a Virtual World course, which we conducted jointly with the Technology University of Dublin (TUD) from Ireland and Whole Brain Health (WBH), a non-profit organization from the USA.

4 separate teams consisting of ÇAĞ and TUD students were formed. These teams were named Green, Blue, Gold, and Red. The groups included students from both universities. During the semester, students took lectures on various topics from the guests and experts on the metaverse. Sitearm lectured on teamwork and metaverse, John O'Connor on Marshall McLuhan's theory, Valibrarian on Metaliteracy, and Gentle Heron on Virtual Ability. The WBH team gave technical lectures to the students in Second Life. Students thus had the opportunity to get to know a metaverse platform and at the same time took lectures from experts from different parts of the world. As a result of the lectures they took, our students designed sustainability-themed areas in SL as part of the final project and made their presentations.

Final presentations started with Prof. O'Connor's keynote speech. O'Connor first introduced himself and talked about meeting with Magua. Here, he gave information about the presentation to the participants and the common lesson. He talked about the theme and content of the presentation. Then the presentations started with the Green team.

Green team designed a sustainable environment themed area in SL. The team leader started the presentation by introducing himself and the team members. Then they started to describe the area they designed. The Green team had designed an area with an emphasis on renewable energy sources. The area they designed contained solar panels and wind turbines. In their presentation, Green Team talked about the harm caused by the use of carbon on the environment and the importance of using renewable energy sources to prevent this. Green team also designed an area that draws attention to the importance of organic farming. In this area, the importance of organic agriculture was emphasized in order to prevent the damage caused by greenhouse gases to the environment. In addition, Green team has designed an area that emphasizes the importance of recycling for the protection of the environment and expressed this in their presentation. Finally, the green team stated that electric vehicles also play an important role in preventing environmental pollution. After the green team, the blue team started the presentation.

Blue team designed an IKEA themed area. Blue team started their presentation by saying that IKEA produces 60% of its products from recyclable materials and aims to produce all its products from recyclable materials by 2030. Then they explained the materials used in the production of these products and how these materials had an effect. Blue team also talked about the IKEA's work and collaborations for the year 2030. Blue team finally explained how IKEA works and completed their presentation. After the Blue team, the Gold team started their presentation.

Gold team leader started the presentation by introducing himself and the team members. Gold team prepared their presentation with the theme of clean energy and designed a space for it. Gold team had designed a 'green roofed house' for the presentation theme. Gold team emphasized that the houses designed in this way reduce energy consumption and contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. They also explained how this is possible with the area they designed. Gold team also designed an area for organic farming by consuming clean energy sources and explained that it was very beneficial. The gold team ended their presentation here and finally the red team started their presentation.

Red team had designed a very large and comprehensive space with an emphasis on sustainability. After the Red team leader introduced himself and the team members, he started the presentation. Like other teams, the Red team first started its presentation by drawing attention to the importance of sustainable environment. The Red team added a teleporter to the area and the participants felt like they were entering the world from here. The red team had prepared the area in 2 floors. While there was a visual area with a sustainable environmental theme on the lower floor, there was an area with informative content as well as visuals above. In their presentation, Red team talked about the importance of biodiversity and the protection of agricultural areas and explained what needs to be done for a sustainable environment. Then the red team ended their presentation and O'Connor invited the participants to the central area.

O'Connor gave his closing speech here and also promised Magua and the WBH team. Afterwards, a general feedback about the lesson was received from the students. Students were asked whether they liked the experience and what they would like to be different if they were to attend again. The event ended after O'Connor thanked the participants here.

We congratulate our students for this successful event and wish them continued success.


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