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A new collaboration was made between Çağ University and the University of Santiago De Compostela (SDC) in Spain. As part of the collaboration, Metaverse themed module will be delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Gülmez.

In the module, which will last for 6 weeks, students will be provided with the concepts of creating avatars on the Second Life platform, communicating, explaining the concepts of metaverse and meta-literacy, the functioning of organizations in virtual worlds, making presentations in a virtual world, and the advantages of using metaverse platforms for digital marketing and future of the metaverse in real life.

In the session, which was held for the first time on October 5, students were informed about creating avatars in Second Life and entering the world. In the lesson, which was held simultaneously via Zoom and Second Life, students created their avatars and visited our virtual campus. The students, who learned various communication methods at the first stage in this world that attracted their attention, learned about what to do next week. Wisdomseeker from the Whole Brain Health (WBH) team also attended our session for a short time as a guest and greeted the students. Students informed about next week class and then the session was finished.


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