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This semester, a new course called Meta Entreprenurship is applied for fourth grade students in our faculty. In this course, students will recognize entrepreneurship in Metaverse, design a product themselves, and have the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship in Metaverse.

Our first lesson took place on our virtual campus on Monday, October 9th. Dahlia, Magua, Sitearm, Valibrarian, Gigi, and Ginger attended the lecture as a faculty team. Our students met in the virtual campus through their avatars. Dahlia first gave a brief description of the course. Dahlia explained the importance and acquirements of the course. After Dahlia's introductory speech, the students were divided into groups.

The students were divided into five separate groups and each have 5 students: yellow, blue, green, purple, and red. Sitearm sent each group to separate areas according to their colors and asked them to meet there. After the group members met each other, they chose the platforms they would use to communicate among themselves and gave their contact information to each other. After these brief group meetings, students came together again in the presentation area on campus.

Here, Sitearm gave a presentation to the students about teamwork. In the presentation, he explained how to do online teamwork, the importance of efficiency in teamwork, and how teamwork can be done efficiently. After completing the Sitearm presentation, Dahlia explained to the students about the final project of this course and explained the evaluation criteria.

After being informed about their final projects, the students gathered around the flags in the field according to their group colors to hold their second team meeting. Here students determined the date and time of their next meeting. They also exchanged ideas among themselves for the final project.

The lesson ended with a question-answer session after the second group meeting of the students was completed.

We wish our students a healthy and successful semester.


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