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We held the second section of our Metaverse-International Student Project course at 6 a.m. (SLT) in SL.

We first gathered on our campus and the students were divided into 6 different colors (green, blue, red, purple, gold, silver) according to the teams they formed. Each student gathered around the flags created according to the color of the team they were in.

After Sitearm made a short introduction here, we took the students to the presentation area at our campus. Sitearm taught students about teamwork here. He explained how to make an effective teamwork and the important points to be considered in teamwork. The students then went to different areas at the campus with their teammates and held their first team meeting. Here, our students met their teammates, chose their communication method, chose their team leader, and decided on the time and topic of their next meeting.

After these short meetings, our students gathered again in the presentation area on campus. Sitearm took the teams to the presentation area and met the team members and asked them various questions. Sitearm asked students the following questions:

-How did your first team meeting go?

-What are the names of your team members?

-Who are your team leaders?

-How are your team members going to communicate between classes?

-When is your next team meeting?

-Where is your next team meeting?

-What will you discuss at your next team meeting?

-What do you like about your team so far?

-What do you wish for your team so far?

The students answered these questions, and then Acuppa Tae briefed the students about their final project. Here he explained important dates and things to do and shared a file containing necessary information about the final project. After this briefing, our lesson ended.


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