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In this week's lesson, Sitearm made a presentation about teamwork and the concept of metaverse to Çağ and TUD students as a guest of our lesson. The students of the two universities, the WBH team, the lecturers of the course and the course assistants attended the presentation, which took place on the Çağ University virtual campus.

Sitearm started its presentation by introducing himself. Afterwards, he made a presentation about teamwork in the presentation area added to our virtual campus. Sitearm also gave information about how teams are formed, types of teams, how effective teamwork can be, and online teamwork. During the presentation, Sitearm asked the previously formed teams about their meetings, their communication and work. In this way, he made an interactive presentation.

With the platform added to the virtual campus after the presentation, students moved to a different part of the campus. Later, Sitearm made another presentation about 'Metaverse' to the students here. Here, Sitearm made a presentation about virtual worlds, the concept of Metaverse, and the digital age. Sitearm continued the presentation by interacting with the students by asking various questions. With the answers received by asking various questions to the students, he stated that we all personally experience the concept of 'Metaverse' in the digital age and we are already in it.

After this presentation, again in a different area of ​​the campus, this time the students used the musical instruments added to the platform. Students had a different experience in the virtual world by using different musical instruments simultaneously on the platform.


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