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We participated the Student Challenge competition organized by Virtual Worlds Education Consortium (VWEC). VWEC is a community that aims to bring together educators in the virtual world since 2021 ( We participated the Student Challenge, organized twice a year by this community, with three teams from our ISP course and one team from our Meta-Entrepreneurship course.

In this competition, students designed different themed areas in Second Life in the regions allocated to them. In the scope of the competition which educational institutions from different parts of the world participated, the areas designed by the students were evaluated according to five different criteria. These criteria are:

- Authenticity / Accuracy of Content

- Balanced Sides-without Bias

- Accessible/Aesthetic Appeal

- Interaction and/or Immersion


The teams participating in the competition designed areas with themes they determined within Second Life to meet these criteria. These areas were evaluated according to the above criteria and awards were given in six different categories. Our students also prepared five-minute presentations explaining the areas they designed.

On Saturday, December 2nd at 9.00 a.m. SLT,  award ceremony was held in Second Life. At the award ceremony, which started with great excitement, the team that won the award in the 'Most Authentic' category was announced first. 'Yellow Team' from our ISP course won this award. Team members and instructors invited to the stage and their awards were presented. Yellow team designed an office in Second Life where people can work comfortably and feel free. The color choices were especially fascinating in the design of this office.

After receiving the yellow team award, the winner of the award in another category, 'Best Presentation', was announced. This award was won by 'Purple Team' from our ISP course. Purple Team designed a museum with the theme 'Heritage Museum'. They paid special attention to the 'accessibility' criterion in their designs. Inside the museum, there were elevator and ramp for those with physical disabilities. There were also audio narrations designed for the visually impaired and notecards prepared for the hearing impaired. Purple Team won the ‘best presentation’ award with their presentation.

After the awards were announced in five other categories, the best area design award was finally announced. 'Silver Team', who formed a team of three students from our Meta Entrepreneurship course, won this prize. Silver Team consists of Merino, Berrify, and Muzzo. This team won the best design prize with the 'Dreamability Playground' area they designed. The team designed a space that was accessible to everyone, paying attention to all the details. In this area, there were playgrounds for the disabled, different safety measures for the safety of the disabled, and voice and written commands for the disabled people. The silver team stated that they designed an area that everyone can access and where they can have a pleasant time. With this design, the team received the best design award.

Three of our four teams who participated in the Student Challenge, which we participated for the first time this year, won awards. In the competition where awards were given in six categories, our teams received awards in three different categories. The team consisting of three students who took our ISP course last year and are taking the Meta Entrepreneurship course this year received the best area design award.

In the link below, you can watch the VWEC Student Challenge Closing Awards:


We congratulate our students who participated in the competition and wish their success to continue.

We are proud of the achievements of our students who represented our university and our country by winning three awards in the international competition.


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