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In cooperation with our university and Santiago de Compostela University from Spain, we held the second lesson of the Metaverse module given in the Digital Marketing Master Program at 10 a.m. (SLT) on Tuesday. First of all, we gathered in the amphitheater on our virtual campus. Here, Magua first talked about SL businesses and the SL economy.

The lessons of the past weeks are briefly summarized. The previous week, Liss from the WBH team, a US-based non-profit organization, organized a tour on Inspiration Island and gave information about their organization to the students. On this tour, Liss toured different parts of the island and explained the exercise and game activities done here.

After the previous lectures were briefly summarized, the activities to be held in the coming weeks were also mentioned, as well as the guest speakers who will attend the lecture.

Magua then talked about the businesses in SL. After the introductory part of the lesson, the students were teleported to the areas of various organizations operating in SL. First, we went to the 'non-profit commons' island. Information about non-profit organizations operating in SL was obtained here and students toured the area.

From here, we went to the island of 'Lavender Field', which is the area of 'Live and Learn in Kenya (LLK)', a non-profit organization operating in SL. Here, information was given about the LLK organization and its activities in SL.

Then, the businesses in SL were visited. Here we went to Hilly Haalan's store, who originally designed clothes for avatars in SL. After a short briefing and sightseeing, we went to the island of Aymec Millet, who designs and sells boats, yachts and houses in SL and generates income from them. In these areas, information was given about how businesses operate in SL and the economy here. After the business tours, we visited the Louvre Museum with the students.

After these tours, we returned to the campus, where Magua talked about our campus area and the construction of our campus. Upon a student's question about the objects here, we also organized a short tour of the object creation area at our campus. Magua stated that students can come to this area and build whenever they want.

Later in the course, we toured the previously built 'Sustainability' themed areas on our campus. We visited Marine Life, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Lifestyle, and Wasteland-themed areas here, and Magua explained the purpose of these areas and the courses given to the students here. After this round, he ended the lesson.

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