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Güncelleme tarihi: 20 Kas 2022

As part of our Virtual Worlds lesson, last week and this week, our students held 2-hour sessions about the Second Life tools. First of all, Thuja from the WBH team introduced herself and explained to our students about the communication tools used in second life. First, she asked students to add her as a friend and said that every practice they do will earn points for the 'Metaverse Mastery' certificate. After the students added Thuja as a friend, Thuja first asked them to send her an instant message. She then showed the list of friends in SL and showed how to adjust the settings to see who we are online. Later, Thuja showed different ways to communicate in SL.

After Thuja's lecture, Liss (Wisdomseeker) from the WBH team sent the students the invite link of the WBH group they should be involved in for their final project and asked them to join this group. Liss also stated that the communication within the scope of the project will be made through this group. After the group participation, Thuja talked about creating objects this time.

Thuja and Jencia stated that in this lecture, in creating objects, the created object occupies a place in the field (prims) and that there is a limit to it and that this should be paid attention to. They asked the students to go to the pre-prepared field in the area and create various objects there. Then they explained how to make arrangements on these objects. In the second hour of the session, the students worked on creating objects in this area.

In this week's lecture of the WBH team, Thuja explained what will be done in the lesson and the points they will earn for the certificate. She first asked students to take a snapshot in SL and send it to her. The 10L$ required for students to upload photos in SL was sent to them and the students took snapshots in SL and sent them to Thuja. In the next session, Thuja talked about notecards, a different way to communicate, this time in SL, and showed how to use them. She asked the students to create a notecard and send it to her. Afterwards, Fran introduced himself to the students and explained how to add scripts to objects created in SL. Fran stated that with scripts, various features can be loaded on objects and said that he can help students in this regard. Liss, on the other hand, explained the use of presomatic to the students in their presentations within the scope of the final project and stated that it would be beneficial to use these tools in order to make an effective presentation in SL. After Liss, Thuja this time explained the use of the speakeasy, and here the lecture ended.


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