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We held the first of our 'Virtual Worlds-International Student Project' course, which is applied as an elective course in our faculty, on the virtual world platform Second Life. Differently this semester, the students of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences - English Translation and Interpreting Department started to take this course. As in the previous semester, our course is conducted in partnership with the Technology University of Dublin (TUD) from Ireland and the Whole Brain Health (WBH) team from the USA.

Within the scope of the lesson, TUD students, Çağ University students, instructors, course assistants and the WBH team gathered in the area prepared by the WBH team for the lesson. Here, the class started with the introduction of the WBH team, the speech of the trainers and the meeting of the students. Later, the WBH team trained the students about the basic usage of the SL platform, its interface, communicating, adding friends, changing names, and joining the group. The scope and content of the course and the content of the project to be carried out within the scope of the final project were explained to the students.

Afterwards, notecards related to the course content prepared by the WBH team about this week's course were distributed to the students. In the file, the students were provided to wear the 'Masters of Metaverse' t-shirts prepared for the course. The WBH team and the assistants of our course helped the students in changing the clothes of the avatars. The lesson ended after the change of clothes was completed.


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