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Whole Brain Health CEO was Guest of Our Class

Güncelleme tarihi: 6 Tem 2021

This week, WisdomSeeker, founder of the 'Whole Brain Health (WBH)' Organization, who is very active in Second Life and performs very valuable activities, was our guest in our Marketing & Sustainability course.

Whole Brain Health is a non-profit organization that organizes a variety of activities that promote brain health. Within Second Life, this organization provides people with the opportunity to participate in activities that protect brain health with various activities organized in its own "Inspiration Island". Second Life offers a three-dimensional virtual world that allows these activities to be practiced.

WisdomSeeker (Founder of WBH) informed students about the organization and its activities within Second Life. Later, 'Inspiration Island' was visited in Second Life. In addition, WBH employees also attended our clas session as guests.

Students first landed at the "Welcome Center" section on the ground floor under the guidance of WBH employees. They then visited places on other layers of the island. The places visited are;

WBH Multiple Intelligence Area

Green Living

WBH Hobo Camp

WBH Sunvibes Visits Africa and India

WBH Hall of Heroes

WBH Student Center

Finally, in the "WBH Student Center" area, the students learned about the final projects to be carried out within the scope of this course and saw the area reserved for them for the activities they will do. Thanks to WisdomSeeker and the WBH team for this amazing tour.

Çağ University Students at WBH Student Center


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